What happened to goth?

Goth still exists, just in different types of fashion genres. That is partly because of the change in modern day music.

The main type of fashion garments associated to ‘Goth’ are steam punk, Lolita, punk and rockabilly tags for clothing.



Got so much to say, watch this space 🙂

Ethnic Clothing

Ethnic clothing covers a variety of different styles, but in my personal opinion I think it originates from culture within tribal backgrounds which have been adapted into different patterns.

There are many types of ethnic styles throughout high-street shops and markets. Currently I feel cardigans and jumpers adapt this style best. This is due to the complex patterns which are adapted through the knit of the fabrics. Generally an ethnic pattern will develop vertically through lines stripes and dots. Most garments will include bright colours and bold styles.

Fair trade adapts ethnic styles to the clothing. Ethnic clothing aspires through history and bright coloured patterns. A common cut of clothing categorised as ethnic is the poncho.


Here are some websites that sell Ethnic clothing ;






Psy Clothing

What is Psy clothing?

I always wondered myself. I thought maybe it would be something to do with the singer ‘Psy’ who sung Gangnam style. I heard my friends talking about it and then realised after searching a few sites on the internet. It meant ‘psychedelic clothing’. It was initially just an abbreviation of psychedelic.

Then I started looking at what my friends where wearing which they claimed to be wearing ‘Psy’ clothing. This wording for the trend did not necessarily mean you started hallucinating while looking into the fabrics. This could be a disastrous move for any gentle minding soul minding there own business, who suddenly find themselves being drawn into a moving pair of eyes on a piece of fabric. However some of the materials would produce beautiful psychedelic art which would appear fascinating to anyone watching a person in that particular garment. I will include some pictures later on.

So ‘Psy’ clothing for women mostly consisted of a thin piece of garment with detailed cutting and shape to compliment the body of the person wearing that product. Most of the colours tended to be earthy. By this I mean dark reds, greens, browns, blacks, creams. The garments, particularly the tops or the dress would have thin ties to secure onto the body. I feel the style of the garments meant that leggings alongside sturdy shoes or boots would be worn by the ladies.

For men ‘Psy’ clothing generally meant the brightest psychedelic art would be printed on the shirts alongside a pair of combats to compliment the outfit.

Hayley smith

What does ‘Cosplay’ mean to you?

Cosplay to me is an expressive art form in which I can be any character I want to be through experimental creativity, whether I change my face with makeup or draw patterns and make my costumes from scratch, every section of Cosplaying makes me giddy with excitement. Being a Cosplayer, I am always pushing my creativity to the next level with every Cosplay I do. It’s been such a major learning process for me, getting into Cosplay, I would never have thought I could make costumes from just drawings till I recently pushed myself to do it. Cosplay has become my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Which characters have you chosen to costume play and why?

I started Cosplaying Amy Pond from Doctor Who as she was one of my favourite characters and our physical appearances were quite similar, the praise I got for being Amy was incredible and I loved it so much I decided to continue cosplaying with new characters as well. Since I was a little girl I have been the biggest disney fan, since it’s shaped me into the person I am today One of my favourite cosplays to do out of the disney franchise is Merida, not only does she hold a bow and arrow and have the most amazing ginger mane of hair ever to work with, running around in forests and climbing trees makes me resort back to when I was a child, I feel free as Merida. I can’t name all the characters I cosplay since it’s a long list. Some of my favourites I’ve done include: Katniss Everdeen Tauriel Babydoll Elsa and Anna Belle.

What inspired you to get involved in Cosplay?

I used to look at Cosplay images on Deviantart and be amazed at how someone had the balls to walk around in full costume as a disney princess and I wanted to be involved with this! So I started with Amy Pond at a Con which caused a wonderful reaction and once I realised how incredibly nice everyone is at conventions over your costumes I started to plan much more advanced costumes for the next year Taking professional photoshoots and bringing the characters you love to life is the best thing ever!

Where did you first hear and discover what Cosplay was?

I heard about Cosplay through media and was amazed at some of the costumes created, always having been into costume design and art myself I really felt the creativity come alive in cosplay! Not only could I use my talent of art but my love of costume design and makeup too, I am so grateful I got into cosplay and just let my worries about being judged go.

Have you been to any conventions that promote Cosplay, such as comic con?

I have been to LFCC and MCM a few times each year and it’s the best, they now have cosplay corners at LFCC where the Cosplayers are becoming more recognised for their work, MCM has such a wide range of cosplays to see that really you can’t help but catch the “cosplay bug” when you are there, even talking to people seems less of a problem when you are in cosplay, I make so many friends from all over the world at cons, it’s wonderful.

Do you plan to go to any or have heard of some that inspire you to go?

Yes I would love to go to possibly one of the biggest cons “San Diego Comic Con” which sounds like the most lively and packed con to go to.

When you go to the conventions that promote cosplay what is the thing most you look forward to?

I look forward to meeting up with my cosplay friends and the epic photoshoot’s we create Have you met any famous Cosplayers?

How did they inspire you and what have they achieved?

I’ve met a few well known cosplayers who I am now good friends with, but I’ve never met any “famous” cosplayers…I would love to meet “Courtoon” the most.

Does social media help inspire to make more costumes?

Definitely, having my own Cosplay page on facebook means that I can not only interact with my followers about what they think so far and how I can improve what I’m making but I can also respectively admire their creations they are making themselves.


Here is an Experimental  project for all to see. I will be talking about the culture of alternative fashion and how its growth and development affects modern society.

I want to expand my understanding and knowledge of alternative fashion and also give anyone reading an eye opening experience into all the different type of fashions I discovered over the years. Bare in mind, that I am covering a mere  23 years of subtle knowledge and adventurous stages through out my life.

Most of my understanding of alternative fashion derived from Camden market and Cambridge. I will also be looking into films to see how the costumes developed an interest for people to wear similar fabrics within every day life.

This blog will be a weekly blog and include a lot of depth into my knowledge of fashion. And considering I don’t have one particular trend this will appeal to hopefully many audiences.

Please message me if you want me to talk about a particular trend so I can expand my own knowledge and give some detail on that style.