What is Psy clothing?

I always wondered myself. I thought maybe it would be something to do with the singer ‘Psy’ who sung Gangnam style. I heard my friends talking about it and then realised after searching a few sites on the internet. It meant ‘psychedelic clothing’. It was initially just an abbreviation of psychedelic.

Then I started looking at what my friends where wearing which they claimed to be wearing ‘Psy’ clothing. This wording for the trend did not necessarily mean you started hallucinating while looking into the fabrics. This could be a disastrous move for any gentle minding soul minding there own business, who suddenly find themselves being drawn into a moving pair of eyes on a piece of fabric. However some of the materials would produce beautiful psychedelic art which would appear fascinating to anyone watching a person in that particular garment. I will include some pictures later on.

So ‘Psy’ clothing for women mostly consisted of a thin piece of garment with detailed cutting and shape to compliment the body of the person wearing that product. Most of the colours tended to be earthy. By this I mean dark reds, greens, browns, blacks, creams. The garments, particularly the tops or the dress would have thin ties to secure onto the body. I feel the style of the garments meant that leggings alongside sturdy shoes or boots would be worn by the ladies.

For men ‘Psy’ clothing generally meant the brightest psychedelic art would be printed on the shirts alongside a pair of combats to compliment the outfit.

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